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Bar-B-Clean: a Perfect Choice For Your Add-On Business

start your own grill cleaning business

Your time is important, so finding a business that suits your existing lifestyle can be paramount in your selection process. If you’re looking for a low investment franchise, it’s quite possible that you already run a business and you’re looking for something to supplement that works: an “add-on” business, as they say.

Well, Bar-B-Clean is right up your alley. Being self-employed, you can have the freedom to work whenever your schedule allows, shifting appointments to fit around your lifestyle plans and around other employment. That means you can fill up those free times with work, and the more you work, the more you make with this cleaning franchise opportunity.

Many markets are particularly suited to this kind of “add-on” system, including pest control; clothing, home and property cleaning businesses; gardening and agricultural businesses and more.

With Bar-B-Clean, you’ll use a steam cleaning process that sterilizes the barbecue grill, leaving it completely clean to the touch, both inside and out. You remove all components and clean them individually—cleaning the burners, unclogging holes to ensure that food cooks evenly throughout. After cleaning all components, as well as bowl and hood, the components are carefully replaced. You then polish the exterior of the grill with a Bar-B-Clean proprietary branded stainless steel polish and protectant.

The process takes only 2.5 to 3.5 hours in total—depending on the size of the grill—costing the client between $225 and $350, again depending on the size of the grill. Needless to say, you can schedule several of these in one day, whenever is convenient, to maximize your profits while starting your own small business.

To find out more about Bar-B-Clean’s add-on business opportunity, visit our contact page and send us a request for more information.