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Franchisees Fired Up About Their Grill Cleaning Franchise

When they set out to start a business together, Danielle Slawsby and her boyfriend Matt McGrane were looking for a way to have more flexibility in their lives and more control of the decisions that affected their professional careers. They launched their Bar-B-Clean franchise out of Temecula, Calif., in September, and have already serviced dozens of clients. They’re also already reaping the benefits of owning their own business.

Why did you choose Bar-B-Clean over other opportunities?

When we were looking for a BBQ business for sale, we found that Bar-B-Clean offered affordable start-up costs and a home-run business model. The model resonated with our desire to have a low-overhead operation. We both left good jobs in corporate America, feeling confident in how Bar-B-Clean provides us with tools and resources that allow us to grow our business on our terms.

After meeting with Bar-B-Clean owner Bryan Weinstein, we immediately felt like he was someone we wanted to be in business with. Our conversations with other Bar-B-Clean franchise owners only confirmed our belief that Bryan relates to franchisees on personal and professional levels, and that he provides a solid plan for building a profitable franchise.barbclean-13

What is the best part of your workday?

Having a filthy or broken grill takes all the joy out of using it. There’s nothing like seeing a smile on someone’s face when we can get their old barbecue fixed up and working like new. The best part is when your client not only sees the difference in their just-cleaned barbecue, but when they take the time to tell us later that they can actually taste the difference.

With every cleaning we perform through our grill cleaning franchise, it feels good to know that we are leaving our clients with a greaseless, healthy barbecue for them to cook on while entertaining their family and friends.

How does Bar-B-Clean help support you and your grill cleaning franchise?

Bryan is readily available to answer calls and texts, and he responds to emails almost as quickly. TopFire Media, which coordinates Bar-B-Clean’s public relations, secured a story about us in our local newspaper within a month of starting our business. We received so many calls and reached so many homes. That type of advertising would have cost us thousands and thousands of dollars.

How has your personal and professional life changed?

We get to plan our days and determine how our week goes. There is nothing like being your own boss and deciding what is best for your business. But it’s also really comforting to know that Bryan is there to help brainstorm ideas and offer another perspective — we have support from someone who knows the business inside and out.

With no storefront, no warehouse, no inventory to manage, and no harrowing commute, it’s a lot easier to turn business off and focus on our family and personal time when we want to and need to. We can be anywhere and still take calls to book appointments. This flexibility makes planning long weekends and vacations far easier than when we worked for someone else.

What advice would you give to someone looking for a BBQ business for sale?

Do your research. Ask lots of questions. Speak to as many other franchisees as you can. When we looked into the Bar-B-Clean franchise program, we were really attracted to the setup, support and team we found. Look into it to find what’s right for you.


Overall, how pleased are you with your experience?

We are running our grill cleaning franchise as a partnership, so we were able to get up and running fairly quickly. We are very pleased with the steady growth we are seeing from our efforts each month.

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