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4. Why Invest?

Why Invest In A Bar-B-Clean Franchise?

Our Cleaning Business Opportunity

Joining an established brand has its benefits. As a Bar-B-Clean franchisee, you'll benefit from:

Turnkey Business


There are many entrepreneurs that have what it takes to run a successful business, but don’t have what it takes to get the business opportunity up and running. Buying a franchise eliminates much of the hard work

Work for yourself, not by yourself


You will be a business owner, with the benefits of our franchisor support and a growing BBQ cleaning franchise community behind you. You will profit from the experience and knowledge of this emerging franchise community

We have a proven system in place


When you buy a franchise, you buy a system. All franchises have an already established system in place for you to follow. These systems are designed to improve the overall productivity and increase sales of each franchise. Having a proven system already in place eliminates the guesswork and errors a start up independent business owner normally faces

Professional image & branding


When you buy into a franchise system that is already established, the corporate image and brand awareness is already recognized. Customers are usually more comfortable dealing with brands and people they are familiar with and working with companies they believe they can trust

Professional Training


Bar-B-Clean offers a compact and intensive training program. This is what makes buying a franchise stand out from every other business opportunity, and in the case of Bar-B-Clean franchise, training is not a one time event—it will be available as you grow. This will ensure that you are running your Bar-B-Clean business efficiently and will eliminate many of the common mistakes a new business owner faces

Ongoing Support


When you buy a Bar-B-Clean franchise, you are not alone in the BBQ cleaning franchise. You will have the support of the franchisor and the support of knowing you are part of a growing family in business opportunities. We will always be here to answer any questions, and our BBQ franchise community will be there to help you as well, as they may be facing the same issues you are

Proven marketing & business development plans


The Bar-B-Clean franchise has a large and growing collection of professionally designed marketing materials for your use in business opportunities. We have also created a proven sales process that works

New business opportunities through ongoing research & development


The Bar-B-Clean franchise is always looking for additional barbecue related cleaning processes which our franchisees can use to increase revenue

Higher success rate than independent businesses


Buying a franchise is very different from starting a mom-and-pop business. Since there is an already established system in place, with this BBQ cleaning franchise there is a higher likelihood of success

Everybody that owns a backyard barbecue is a potential client!