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5. FAQ’s

What is the biggest challenge facing a Bar-B-Clean franchisee?

Our biggest challenge is also our biggest advantage! The general population doesn’t even know a grill cleaning business service like ours exists. There is so little, if any, competition that when we explain the benefits of a grill cleaning business through our marketing efforts, the responses confirm that.

How much does a Bar-B-Clean franchise cost?

Estimated initial investment:

  1. Franchise fee - $19,500
  2. Total investment including equipment - less than $25,000

Who are Bar-B-Clean's customers?

Everybody that owns a backyard barbecue is a potential grill cleaning business client!

What is included in Bar-B-Clean's training?

Bar-B-Clean provides the training and support you will need to start quickly, understand the cleaning process, learn to effectively manage your grill cleaning business and focus on growing sales and increasing profitability. We offer a training session which will take place within 2 weeks of signing your franchise agreement.

How many hours per week must I work?

That is the beauty of being self-employed. As a Bar-B-Clean franchisee, you have the freedom to work your busy work schedule around your lifestyle plans or it may fit alongside other employment. You create your own schedule, but the more you work, the more you make!

How long before I start making money?

You can potentially begin making money within a month of signing your BBQ franchise agreement. Once signed, you will attend our intensive training session, set up your grill cleaning business, begin advertising, and start answering phone calls from potential clients!

How much money can I make as a Bar-B-Clean franchisee?

The beauty of owning your own grill cleaning business is that you control your own success. As a Bar-B-Clean owner, you have many built-in advantages including a pent up demand for our unique service.

How much does a standard barbecue cleaning/service cost the client?

That depends on the size of the barbecue and the location of the franchise. The final price will be between $225 and $350.

How long does it take to clean a barbecue?

A barbecue will take between 2 ½ and 3 ½ hours to complete.

Are there any discounts for Veterans?

Bar-B-Clean proudly offers a 30% discount off of the franchise fee for Veterans of the United States Armed Services.  Thank you for your service!